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Name:Nathaniel Cross

❝Excess ain't rebellion❞

Nathaniel Cross was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a single father who tried to instill a the same work ethic he had and a passion for hunting. Well, Nathaniel picked up on the hunting, even if he wasn't exactly ecstatic about it. He did love the feel of shooting though and he damn sure loved the quiet. The desire to work hard? Kind of got lost in there somewhere in partying and drinking.

It's the oldest story in the book. Nathaniel picked up the guitar, joined a rock and roll band, got too involved in the idea of the life of a rock star. Drinking, drugs, sex, the whole nine. He dropped out of school and hit the road with dreams of fame and enough confidence to make it happen. He liked to think anyway... life just didn't pan out how he wanted it though. Sometimes that happens, even if you really try.

His big start never happened and money got tight. That meant Nathaniel spent many years living on the streets or bunking with any friends who'd have him. Did plenty of other shady business to get by too, but he prefers not discussing it too indepth. Before he knew it, he was thirty-three years old and didn't have a penny to his name. Not a good feeling and he realized he really needed a change.

That's how he ended up back home in Tulsa and, with a loan from his father, opened up a little bar with a shabby little apartment up above as his first real home in far too long. All that's left is to try and make the best of things.

Nathaniel Cross likes people, knows how to read them and how to deal with them. That doesn't make him anywhere near a pushover though... actually, he can have a pretty impressive temper if provoked enough and he will not stand by if people he cares about are in trouble. Besides that, Nathaniel has a bit of a lazy streak in him, entirely different from that hard working ethic his father tried to push on him. He likes going out, he likes drinking. He's okay with staying in too, if staying in means vegging out in front of the TV.

He likes booze, he's no stranger to drugs, and he likes sex a lot. The kinkier, the better, and he's never been inclined to settle down. It's not that he's incapable of relationships -- he has a lot of people he cares deeply for, but monogamy just isn't really for him.

Sex isn't all that he's after though, especially at this point in his life. He just wants his bar to succeed and maybe get something to show for the hard work he's finally putting into his life.

Nathaniel isn't too big on talking about some aspects of his life, but he'll eventually open up if you earn his trust enough. He spent most of his life since he was seventeen homeless besides a few spots of luck here and there and he's had to do plenty he's not too thrilled about. Stick around though, maybe he'll tell you a story. He's had some pretty wild times in there too after all.

Journal is het and slash friendly, but sex isn't the main objective here. Nathaniel can be into some kinky things, so please mention if that's not your thing. Permissions post coming soon.

; Left 4 Dead/Zombie verse
Nathaniel Cross wasn't all that bothered about losing his home when the apocalypse happened. He hadn't had much of one anyway and the same went for any family he'd had. They were long gone and his friends had hit the road ages before he ever got his shit together. He wasn't too pleased with losing the bar that he'd just gotten fixed up and opened in hopes of finally starting some kind of normal life for himself and he wasn't at all happy with losing his guitar collection either.

But Nathaniel is a survivor above all else, so he loaded up his old truck with his daddy's old hunting rifles and plenty of ammo before hitting the road in search of other survivors, some hope, hell anything. Nothing was waiting for him back where he'd settled anyway
; Regular verse
Nathaniel has settled down and got himself a bar. Now he's just got to see if he can work the regular nine-to-five type of life without going crazy

Mun and muse are well over 18. Nathaniel Cross belongs to me, but I have no claim over Viggo Mortensen and no harm was intended.
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